A Timeless Family Getaway

  • A timeless

  • High Safety

  • Living Room with
    360 degrees Ocean View

  • BBQ Dinner

Yachting vacations can be unforgettable family experiences. What will be perfect than spend your time on the holidays on the splendid cruising with full entertainment facilities and services with your family? Imprint this fantastic experience in the memory of your family with a deluxe catamaran with the best services we provide specially for you and family.

The perfect family getaway and a charter destination that offers a little something for everyone. Blue Voyage Thailand would like to be a part of a beautiful moment for your family to create a lovely chapter filled with smile and laugh. A happy time on the expensive yacht trip in the middle of the azure sea. It may be the first time for your 4-year little one to take a marine trip. Or the 108th romance journey of you and beloved one to share a sweet moment as same as the first time you share the love.

It is challenging to cruise with kids. Therefore, what you need is someone who is friendly and skilful as the crew. We do not compromise to offer you the best service. All of the captains and crews are all experienced and professional with well-trained in the comprehensive course to provide our customers with the best experience of the catamaran with the Blue Voyage Thailand. Our staff serve you with the service mind, smile and carefulness to our passengers like our family including the children and seniority care.  

Creating lifetime memories is easy when you cruise on a luxury yacht with the ones you love. Explore the delightful and warm at heart environment along the journey with the Blue Voyage Thailand. Make your precious and unforgettable memory with your special ones surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere of the endless sea, taste the delicious cuisines on the luxury ship floating beyond the sea, glance the natural perspective and do not miss many exciting water activities.

Provide both active adventures and relaxing atmospheres.  A nice mix of activities and luxury ocean escape. Add some portion to the relation of your family to get closer and closer. Have fun with a lot of entertainment activities for oldies – grandpa, grandma, uncle, and aunty to youngsters. For example, dive from the yacht into the crystal water and swim in the sea, Snorkeling with your love to see a beautiful coral under the water, fishing, sunbathing on the ship’s deck under the bright blue sky and beautiful, gentle breeze. Blue Voyage Thailand offers our customer with cruising facilities – snorkelling kits, fishing tools, swimming ring, toys and towels.

Safety is the priority of the Blue Voyage Thailand. Our captain and crew with experience will take care all passengers all through the journey with the warm welcome. We facilitate and take care our guests in safety and security to ensure that you and your family will have a pleasant cruise with us.