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Beyond pleasuring in the sea because we will take you to the most transparent water of snorkelling spot. The location features the magnificent under the sea world through the glass-like clear water. The snorkelling facilities are provided for you to have leisure time with either your family or friends, together with full service by our staff throughout the journey.  

Blue Voyage Thailand proudly presents you a trip to the hidden paradise islands in the sea. The islands that are plentiful and so natural in beach, sand, sea, and coral. Touch the aesthetic of nature especially for you and your loved ones and impress in your memory for times.

If sport and speed are your kinds of stuff, the Blue Voyage Thailand offers you with the stylish jet ski including safety kits that you can enjoy your extreme entertainment with free from disturbing.

We provide our customers with authentic paradise for the sea-worshippers. You may need to take some proper distance from the beach to enjoy the water playing. But cruising with the Blue Voyage Thailand, you can dive from the ship to swim in the cold and fresh sea water. More than that, there are swim rubbers, sea toys and towels served on board as well.  

An extraordinary journey to the white powdery sand beach, crystal-clear water, and graphic nature operated by the Blue Voyage Thailand. The destination, period of travel, activities to do on the island including to the sea travel facility – food, beverage, towels, fishing kits, small speedboat, swim rubber, toys, and snorkelling tools are your choice to make this journey as a genuinely unique journey privileging for you.  

Escape from the hustle and bustle in the metropolis and sense the natural charm exclusively for you and the companion with full service by our luxury catamaran included a captain, crew, and an array of activities to entertain all along the trip. Swimming, snorkelling, fishing, jet skiing, or even just only watching a fantastic vista of the sea reflecting the sunbeam on the yacht. And one more interesting activity is to promenade along the beautiful white sand beach on the inhabited island and capture some pictures to keep for your lovely memory to take a trip with the Blue Voyage Thailand.