Exploring Pattaya with 4 Unseen Islands!

Embark on a yacht charter to explore Pattaya from a new perspective and discover the stunning unseen islands. These islands include Koh Phai, Koh Ped, Koh Khram Noi, and Sai Kaew Beach.

Most working professionals exhaust all their energy during the workweek, leaving weekends as their only time to recharge, boost their spirits, or indulge in thrilling beach activities. You don’t have to travel far because Pattaya has it all! Experience a new perspective of Pattaya by sailing on a yacht charter, letting go and immersing yourself in the beauty of the unseen islands. Rest assured, you will have an unforgettable and rejuvenating time in Pattaya.

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Koh Phai, Pattaya

Crystal clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches

If you’re visiting Pattaya, don’t miss this island. Koh Phai is known for its pristine waters and stunning sandy beaches, offering picturesque photo spots in every corner of the island. The highlight of Koh Phai is the rich marine life that is well-preserved and protected by the Navy. 

Travelers who visit this island enjoy relaxing, sunbathing, exploring the underwater world, snorkeling, and kayaking to witness the beauty of the sea. And if you’ve seen people taking photos with a little pig on Koh Phai and want to have your own cool check-in photo in Pattaya, don’t forget to embark on a yacht charter with Blue Voyage. We are ready to serve you and ensure an impressive experience.

Koh Ped, Pattaya

Come to feed the cute monkey and see the gorgeous sea.

Koh Ped, officially known as “Koh Kled Kaeo” is internationally recognized as “Monkey Island.” It is a small island in the middle of the sea with no ducks but many monkeys! This unique aspect attracts numerous tourists to the island because the monkeys here are adorable and mischievous. They may even grab your belongings for a playful moment, but rest assured they won’t harm you. Travelers enjoy climbing and interacting with the monkeys. If you’re lucky, you might witness the monkeys’ entertaining behaviors.

When you visit Koh Ped, don’t forget to bring food and water for the monkeys. It guarantees cool and impressive photos with the island’s shoulder monkey and leaves everyone with unforgettable memories.

Koh Khram Noi, Pattaya

Clear and clean waters, a pleasant atmosphere, and privacy.

Koh Khram Noi is a small island located near Koh Khram Yai. Despite its small size, it possesses the essence of untouched nature. The island is adorned with shady trees and the azure sea merges with the light blue sky, extending into the deep sea. It is suitable for those who prefer privacy, where you can enjoy swimming, relaxing, and chilling in the clear waters. If you’re fortunate enough to visit during low tide, you’ll witness the fascinating phenomenon of Pattaya’s exposed sea. It is another unseen gem of Pattaya that must not be missed!

Sai Kaew Beach, Pattaya

Crystal clear waters and fine white sand

Another must-visit destination in Pattaya is the beautiful sea at  Sai Kaew beach. The highlight of this place is its fine, white sandy beach. When sunlight reflects on the beach, it glistens like glass, resembling the shimmer of glass hitting the light. Combine this with the clear, blue sea and the multicolored sky, surrounded by lush trees – it is a paradise on land. Those who visit here can sunbathe, lounge on the beach, or enjoy various activities such as kayaking, Banana Boat rides, jet skiing, and diving. Moreover, you can even set up tents near the sea if you’re a camping enthusiast. If camping is not your thing, don’t worry, there are accommodations available to suit your preferences.

Admission fee: Thai adults – 50 Baht, Thai children (4-12 years old) – 10 Baht, Foreign adults – 100 Baht, Foreign children – 50 Baht.


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