6 Tips for Making Your Yacht Party More Memorable

If you enjoy being a party host and are looking for an interesting party venue, you should definitely try hosting a party on a yacht at least once. Not only will you get to enjoy the beautiful sea views, but hosting a yacht party is something many people are interested in and would like to experience. If you’re a new party planner and worried about whether your party will be fun, we want to assure you that you don’t need to worry. Today, we’ll provide some small tips that will help you overcome your party planning concerns and ensure that you and your guests have a great time.

Perfect Budget

The budget for hosting a party is arguably the most important aspect for the host, as the expenses can add up quickly, especially for those aiming for a perfect event. The best way to prevent budget woes is to plan the event and budget meticulously and then try to stick to the plan. Once you have your plan in place, party planning can truly begin.

Choose the Theme Party on Yacht

No matter how big or small the party is, the most crucial heart of a fun and memorable party is a well-defined theme. Because once you have a clear theme in place, it can dictate decisions about food preparation, drinks, music, and decorations for the event. You’ll also see people enjoying the exchange of ideas and the fun in dressing up according to the party’s theme. Themes can be as simple as something that fits the venue, which is our yacht, such as pirates, Titanic, Peter Pan, vampires, superheroes, and so on.

Who will come to the party?

Once you’ve chosen the theme, it’s time to have people fill the party with excitement. What you need to do is create a guest list and send out invitations at least 2-3 weeks in advance to allow them to prepare for the party. Clear any pending work on their end. The invitations should ideally match the chosen theme to maintain the event’s concept. Sending invitations can be done in various ways, but the method we highly recommend is online invitations to save more budget for other aspects of the party. Another important thing is to remind your guests about the party’s theme and dress code.

Food & beverage

Next is planning the menu and beverages, and these will depend on the theme you set from the beginning. The key here is to calculate how much food should be served per person. Whether you should go for a sit-down dinner, buffet, or à la carte depends on the number of guests and your budget. If you choose to serve plated meals, you can schedule the serving time appropriately. For buffets, you need to estimate the quantity of food and have a good budget. Following these steps will make planning the food and drinks much easier.


In terms of beverages, it’s important to know what types of drinks your guests prefer and then decide on the drink selection. If you’re not sure, a general guideline could be 25% soft drinks, 25% cocktails, and another 50% alcoholic beverages. However, you can adjust this based on your guests’ preferences. Once the plan is in place, make sure to stock the beverages adequately for your attending guests.

Mood & Tone

Nothing elevates a party more than music that resonates with the guests. The key is to select songs that match the theme and make sure to start playing music about 10 seconds before the party officially begins so that early arrivals don’t feel like they arrived too early and get bored. In this regard, you might consider budgeting to hire a skilled DJ, as being your own DJ might not provide the best experience if you can’t read the crowd well. Hiring a DJ is another option to ensure your party is a complete success.


In addition to good music, you should also have lighting and colors that enhance the party’s atmosphere. Decorating with LED lights or fairy lights can help guests get into the party mood and ensure that the lighting reflects the overall mood of your party.

safety first

Parties are opportunities for people to come together, socialize, and have fun. With alcohol, intoxicating drinks, and vibrant lighting, the chances of having a bit too much fun can increase significantly. At this point, the host must always be responsible for ensuring safety. Regardless of the type of party, this is especially crucial for yacht parties. Hosts should pay extra attention and ensure safety measures are in place at every point on the yacht where guests are present, as safety should always come first.

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Introducing the Top 4 Popular Yachts of Blue Voyage No.1 Yacht Charter

“Blue Voyage No.1 Yacht Charter offers luxurious yacht charter services that are well-known and highly regarded by celebrities and people worldwide. With beautiful, globally standardized yachts, a strong focus on safety, and top-notch 5-star service, we aim to impress our customers. Today, we’d like to introduce the top 4 popular yachts from Blue Voyage No.1 Yacht Charter that have left a lasting impression on our customers and are highly recommended for your next journey. Let’s take a look at these magnificent vessels.

S/Y Blue Nicobar

“Blue Nicobar” Yacht Information

The Blue Nicobar is a Lagoon 440 Catamaran with a total of 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. In the main bedrooms, you’ll find spacious, king-sized beds along with large windows that offer stunning views of the beautiful sea. This yacht is fully equipped with dining services and comprehensive amenities. Please note that the Blue Nicobar exclusively provides services in Pattaya.

“Blue Nicobar” Highlights of Yacht

The standout feature of this yacht is that it’s a sailboat that reflects luxury and modernity. Inside, there’s space for relaxation with up to 3 lounging areas. At the rear of the boat, passengers can unwind and soak in the breathtaking views of the sea and the mesmerizing skies from the safety net. Alternatively, you can venture up to the unique viewpoint at the boat’s mast control point in the sky.

“Blue Nicobar” Yacht ideal for

This yacht can accommodate a maximum of 30 passengers. However, for added comfort, we recommend boarding with approximately 15-25 people. It caters to diverse groups, such as families looking for relaxation and onboard activities, friend groups seeking adventure in the splendid ambiance, or couples desiring a romantic getaway or surprise celebration.

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Blue Atoll

“Blue Atoll” Yacht Information

The Blue Atoll is a Lagoon 400 with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It also features a spacious lounge area and a dining table at the rear of the yacht. The Blue Atoll is available for charter in Krabi.

“Blue Atoll” Highlights of Yacht

This yacht is considered the most luxurious and complete yacht. Both its interior and exterior have been meticulously designed by the renowned Thai brand, Marata Studio, in a Special Collaboration. This has made it the most sought-after yacht in Krabi. Apart from its exquisite design, it offers a comprehensive range of amenities and spacious relaxation areas, making it the perfect yacht for your special day.

“Blue Atoll” Yacht ideal for

This yacht can accommodate up to 30 people, just like the Blue Nicobar yacht. It can cater to a wide range of groups, especially couples. This yacht is special in every design aspect. If you’re planning a romantic date, a surprise birthday celebration, or even a wedding proposal, it will certainly enhance the atmosphere with added romance.

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Blue Coco

“Blue Coco” Yacht Information

This yacht, the Lagoon 400 model, is meticulously designed for maximum convenience. Inside the yacht, you’ll find 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a spacious living area. Additionally, there’s a large dining area at the stern of the yacht. This particular yacht is the only one of its kind in Samui. Those who choose to sail with Blue Voyage in Samui will have the privilege of experiencing this exceptional yacht

“Blue Coco” Highlights of Yacht

The standout feature of this yacht is its exceptional design, a masterpiece crafted by Mark Van Petegham and Vincent Lauriot Prévost for the Lagoon 400 (Charter version). The primary goal of this outstanding design is to provide luxury and comfort to passengers. Passengers can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea from all around the yacht through large windows.

“Blue Coco” Yacht ideal for

This yacht can accommodate a maximum of 25 passengers, but for added comfort, we recommend boarding with around 10-20 people. This ensures a spacious and comfortable experience on a luxuriously designed yacht, ideal for those looking for a full-fledged vacation. With comprehensive services in place, being surrounded by people you’re comfortable with allows you to fully immerse yourself in the luxury and beauty of yachting.

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For your eyes only

“For your eyes only” Yacht Information

The yacht “For Your Eyes Only” is an Astondoa model with 4 bedrooms. It includes 1 master bedroom and a luxurious VIP bedroom, complete with all amenities on board such as bathrooms, lounges, dining areas, and many more relaxation spaces. This spacious yacht is exclusively available in Phuket, Thailand. If you are interested, you can contact the staff through their webpage.

“For your eyes only” Highlights of Yacht

The highlight of this yacht is its luxurious interior design, complete with all-encompassing amenities and full-service offerings on board, including a private butler service. It allows you to enjoy your time in the most complete and luxurious way possible. Additionally, there is a private spa room for your relaxation, adding an extra layer of comfort to your yachting experience. “For Your Eyes Only” promises a luxurious and unexpected experience.

“For your eyes only” Yacht ideal for

This yacht can accommodate up to 30 passengers, making it ideal for chartering for celebrations and entertainment with family and friends. It offers a wide range of activities on board, along with gourmet food, snacks, and 5-star level service. It provides the utmost comfort and leaves a memorable impression that you won’t easily forget.

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Exploring Samui: 8 Instagrammable Spots to Indulge in the Blissful Sea

Koh Samui, many people love to check-in on this island, and there’s truly a lot to enjoy on Koh Samui! Beyond its natural beauty, there are charming lesser-known spots that deserve attention. Today, Blue Voyage wants to invite you to check-in at 8 stunning locations on Koh Samui, so you’ll know that the island is a treasure trove! If you’re ready, let’s explore together.

Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks

These are undoubtedly the top highlights of Koh Samui. Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks are natural rock formations by the sea, known for their unusual shapes resembling male and female genitalia. Formed through natural erosion by the sea, these rocks have become a significant and symbolic site on the island. Visitors are drawn to capture these unique formations as memories. For those who want to see the rocks for themselves, they can be found at the southern end of the island.

Chaweng Beach

The longest and most beautiful beach on Koh Samui, Chaweng Beach boasts fine white sand stretching along the clear blue sea for a remarkable 6 kilometers. This stunning beach is a popular destination for tourists. Visitors come here to sunbathe, relax by the shore, take leisurely strolls, watch the sunset’s reflection on the serene waters, and enjoy the variety of shops and restaurants along the beach. It’s a must-visit spot for those exploring Koh Samui.


Koh Madsum (Pig Island)

Starting off with the first island, Koh Madsum, also known as Pig Island, is a small island located to the south of Koh Samui. It’s another popular tourist spot. The island gets its nickname because it’s home to friendly pigs! These sea pigs are adorable and tourists can feed them up close. Getting to the island is easy, just take a short boat ride from Koh Samui’s southern coast, around 20-25 minutes. Since the island is small, visitors can easily explore it on foot, relax on the beach, or even engage in water activities such as snorkeling and kayaking.

Koh Tan

For those who seek a tranquil escape away from the crowds, Koh Tan is the perfect destination. It’s a peaceful haven characterized by its untouched beauty. As a small and quiet island, Koh Tan offers visitors a chance to experience nature at its finest. It’s a conservation-focused tourism spot with pristine beaches, coral reefs, and clear waters, making it ideal for snorkeling and kayaking. Visitors can take a short boat ride from Koh Samui to reach this serene paradise.

Koh Phangan

Located north of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan is a renowned coastal tourist destination both in Thailand and internationally. It’s famous for hosting the Full Moon Party, but beyond being a party haven, the island is exceptionally beautiful. The majority of the island is covered in hills, beaches, and flatlands, with only one-fourth of its total area being plains. Koh Phangan features sandy shores, picturesque rocky coastlines, and maintains its historical and natural significance. Besides its popular party scene, the island also offers stunning beaches, mesmerizing emerald waters, waterfalls, and the chance to observe the traditional way of life of coconut farmers and local fishermen. These natural wonders allure travelers from both Thailand and around the world to come and experience the enchantment of Koh Phangan.


Koh Rab

Koh Rab is another hidden gem of Samui. As a relatively unknown tourist spot, it boasts tranquility, pristine white sandy beaches, and clear blue waters. This island provides a high level of privacy and is perfect for those seeking a serene getaway. Visitors can spend the entire day here, enjoying a peaceful atmosphere, relaxing by the beach, taking leisurely walks, and capturing beautiful photos. The island offers various photo opportunities, including large quirky signs on the beachfront, hammocks, and shaded seating areas under palm leaves. Whether you choose to unwind by the sea, swim, or sunbathe, you won’t be disturbed. To get to Koh Rab, you can take a boat ride from the southern part of Koh Samui, which takes approximately 40 minutes. There is a small fee to access the island, and if you bring your own tent, it costs 500 Baht. Alternatively, you can rent a tent from the island for 900 Baht.

Ang Thong Islands

The Ang Thong Islands, or Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park, lie approximately 20 kilometers west of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. It comprises over 40 islands, with Koh Wua Talap being a popular one. The park spans a total of around 63,750 acres or 102 square kilometers and offers spectacular natural beauty. Notable attractions include the pristine white sand beaches, the stunning panoramic views from Koh Wua Talap, and the serene emerald lake surrounded by lush hills. The park also features hiking trails leading to breathtaking viewpoints overlooking the vibrant blue-green sea, framed by tall cliffs and lush greenery. Additionally, the area is ideal for diving and exploring underwater marine life. Admission rates to the national park vary, with Thai adults paying 40 Baht and foreign adults paying 300 Baht.

Samui is rich in beautiful attractions, brimming with breathtaking nature and captivating seascapes. To provide you with a unique and extraordinary experience, Blue Voyage offers a Samui Yacht Tour, visiting four islands: Koh Tan, Koh Phangan, Koh Rab, and the Ang Thong Islands. This exclusive journey guarantees unparalleled, unseen scenery, accompanied by a 5-star service, creating unforgettable memories.”


7 Reasons Why You Should Go Yachting in Your Lifetime

On days when work exhausts your body and soul, and escaping the chaos of work becomes a necessity, finding yourself surrounded by the enchanting colors of the sky and the serene expanse of the sea can be a rejuvenating experience. Sailing on a luxurious yacht amidst the breathtaking views, the sparkling waters, and the mesmerizing scenery, and indulging in a party with friends, might seem like a dream too luxurious to even fantasize about. However, can’t life’s rewards be maximized when spent aboard a yacht, enveloped by the vast ocean?

But, if you’re still hesitant, let Bule Voyage provide you with the seven compelling reasons why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to embark on a luxurious yachting journey – because these are the reasons that make yachting in the Aegean Sea an unforgettable experience:

Yacht Voyage, the Ultimate Destination

Do you know anyone who loves the tranquil beauty of nature, seeks relaxation, appreciates outdoor activities, and enjoys being one with nature? If you do, then this is the perfect opportunity for you and your loved ones to come together. Yachting isn’t just about capturing posts, taking pictures, and sharing on social media. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that brings together a group of people who share the same vibes. Yachting isn’t just a post; it’s an embodiment of the perfect getaway, a chance to embrace the vast sea, and a moment to immerse yourself in the beauty that surrounds you.

Yachting, a Premium Adventure

Now, you might think that yachting is only for those seeking a tranquil experience, but we assure you that’s not the case. For every adventure enthusiast out there, every thrill-seeker, everyone who loves the outdoors, yachting offers a remarkable opportunity. Yachting doesn’t just mean cruising through breathtaking islands and soaking in the beauty. It means embarking on an adventure of a lifetime, encountering rare marine creatures, discovering new species, witnessing awe-inspiring natural phenomena, and experiencing various exhilarating activities. It’s about having fun, and sharing happiness with your companions.

Yachting, Your Personal Paradise

Yachting isn’t like island hopping or ordinary underwater exploration. When you go yachting, you’re not just traveling with anyone. You’re the queen of your own palace. Your yacht is your private sanctuary, a personal space where you can relax, enjoy, and explore with your friends and family. It’s a haven of joy, where your crew – the captain, the sailors, and the butlers – cater to your every need, making sure you have the time of your life. And let’s not forget the various services Blue Voyage offers, such as beach picnics with gourmet cuisine prepared by our talented chef, and welcome drinks to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your yachting journey.

Discover New Experiences

Yachting isn’t just about luxury and beautiful views; it’s also about discovering new experiences that are even more precious. You might come across rare marine creatures, encounter unfamiliar species, witness breathtaking natural phenomena, and immerse yourself in local communities on various islands. You’ll have the chance to witness the beauty of authentic village life, experience the simplicity of nature at its best, and savor the delicious flavors of local cuisine.

Capturing Priceless Memories

 As your journey comes to an end, you’ll take away memories that are priceless and invaluable. The unique joy, the freshness of the experience, the luxurious ambience – all blend together to create the ultimate expression of self. You’ll have memories of pure happiness, of being treated like royalty, of savoring flavors you’ve never tasted before, of exploring new horizons, and of meeting people and cultures beyond your imagination. Your yachting experience won’t leave you with regrets, but rather a profound sense of fulfillment and meaning that will last a lifetime.

Falling in Love with the Breathtaking Seascapes

The most enthralling moment at the end of your journey is the feeling you experience when surrounded by the sea. Being on a yacht, enclosed by the boundless ocean, breathtaking natural beauty, and the scent of serene relaxation, creates an ambiance that words can’t fully capture. It’s a feeling of falling in love with the sea’s vastness, of being on a yacht that’s embraced by the endless sea, and of truly cherishing the joys of life. This is yet another reason why you must return for another rendezvous with the sea.

Eternal Love for the Spectacular Ocean Views

Lastly, what will truly enthrall you as your journey concludes is the sensation of encountering the sea’s awe-inspiring beauty. Sailing aboard a yacht, enveloped by the sea’s expanse, is an unparalleled experience that leaves an indelible mark on your heart. The beauty of the vast ocean, the mesmerizing views, and the luxurious ambiance all contribute to a moment that words alone cannot do justice to. It’s a feeling of falling in love with the boundless sea, of relishing the enchanting allure of a luxury yacht, and of forming an unbreakable bond with the breathtaking seascape.

In conclusion, yachting in the Aegean Sea is not just a lavish getaway; it’s a transformative experience that touches your soul, ignites your senses, and enriches your life. So, why wait? The stunning turquoise waters, the picturesque islands, and the lavish luxury of yachting are waiting for you. It’s time to embark on a journey that will redefine your relationship with the sea, rekind


6 activities on a yacht charter to make your trip more enjoyable!

Yachting has become another popular activity that most sea travelers want to do. You can sail on a luxurious yacht, take photos in a beautiful atmosphere, sip wine, and have parties on board. There are many more activities that you should try on a yacht charter to make your trip more fun and vibrant! Today, Blue Voyage will gather all 6 activities on a yacht charter. Let’s see what they are!

Extreme Yacht Slide

Take the fun to another level with this classic activity on a yacht charter. How can you miss sliding into the sea? It’s definitely a must-try activity as it combines water play with the full immersion in nature. If you want to bring children along, don’t forget to ensure their safety and closely supervise them.

Sea Pool

When you’re at sea, why settle for a regular swimming pool? Play in the Sea Pool! It guarantees safety and keeps you from getting lost in the middle of the sea. It’s perfect for bringing children to play in the water or simply enjoying the beautiful view. It’s undoubtedly a favorite activity on a yacht charter for kids.

Jet Ski

With activities on a yacht charter, there’s no way you can miss water sports! And here comes Jet Ski! Blue Voyage offers this activity on their yacht charter. You can ride the Jet Ski, cross islands, or have a thrilling ride in the middle of the sea while enjoying the refreshing view of the islands. It’s suitable for both men and women, but don’t forget to prioritize safety by wearing life jackets.

Inflatable Towable

Inflatable Towable​ or known as a Banana Boat, it’s also an activity available on a yacht charter. It’s incredibly fun and exciting, suitable for all ages and genders. Enjoy the thrill of being towed by a boat, accompanied by laughter, and admire the beauty of the islands and crystal-clear waters. It’s definitely a lot of fun!

Paddle Board

Stand-up paddle boarding, a cool and chill activity. Paddle your way to admire the stunning beauty of the sea. Enjoy the view of the lined-up islands, relax, and take cool photos in various styles. If you’re a fan of a serene atmosphere, don’t miss this activity when you’re on a yacht charter.

Snorkeling Mask

One water activity that can’t be missed is snorkeling. Besides witnessing the beauty of coral reefs, you can also explore the underwater world. Swim in the beautiful, clear, and clean seawater. If you’re lucky, you might even get to swim with sea turtles! When you’re on a yacht charter, make sure to experience all these activities!

These are the 6 activities on a yacht charter that cater to all ages and genders. Apart from having fun, remember to prioritize safety by wearing life jackets. If you’re interested, you can contact Blue Voyage. They offer a complete range of enjoyable activities, guaranteeing a great experience!


Exploring Pattaya with 4 Unseen Islands!

Most working professionals exhaust all their energy during the workweek, leaving weekends as their only time to recharge, boost their spirits, or indulge in thrilling beach activities. You don’t have to travel far because Pattaya has it all! Experience a new perspective of Pattaya by sailing on a yacht charter, letting go and immersing yourself in the beauty of the unseen islands. Rest assured, you will have an unforgettable and rejuvenating time in Pattaya.

For those who want to embark on a yacht charter and enjoy the sea breeze and beautiful atmosphere, make sure to book your yacht charter with Blue Voyage for a guaranteed exceptional experience.

Koh Phai, Pattaya

Crystal clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches

If you’re visiting Pattaya, don’t miss this island. Koh Phai is known for its pristine waters and stunning sandy beaches, offering picturesque photo spots in every corner of the island. The highlight of Koh Phai is the rich marine life that is well-preserved and protected by the Navy. 

Travelers who visit this island enjoy relaxing, sunbathing, exploring the underwater world, snorkeling, and kayaking to witness the beauty of the sea. And if you’ve seen people taking photos with a little pig on Koh Phai and want to have your own cool check-in photo in Pattaya, don’t forget to embark on a yacht charter with Blue Voyage. We are ready to serve you and ensure an impressive experience.

Koh Ped, Pattaya

Come to feed the cute monkey and see the gorgeous sea.

Koh Ped, officially known as “Koh Kled Kaeo” is internationally recognized as “Monkey Island.” It is a small island in the middle of the sea with no ducks but many monkeys! This unique aspect attracts numerous tourists to the island because the monkeys here are adorable and mischievous. They may even grab your belongings for a playful moment, but rest assured they won’t harm you. Travelers enjoy climbing and interacting with the monkeys. If you’re lucky, you might witness the monkeys’ entertaining behaviors.

When you visit Koh Ped, don’t forget to bring food and water for the monkeys. It guarantees cool and impressive photos with the island’s shoulder monkey and leaves everyone with unforgettable memories.

Koh Khram Noi, Pattaya

Clear and clean waters, a pleasant atmosphere, and privacy.

Koh Khram Noi is a small island located near Koh Khram Yai. Despite its small size, it possesses the essence of untouched nature. The island is adorned with shady trees and the azure sea merges with the light blue sky, extending into the deep sea. It is suitable for those who prefer privacy, where you can enjoy swimming, relaxing, and chilling in the clear waters. If you’re fortunate enough to visit during low tide, you’ll witness the fascinating phenomenon of Pattaya’s exposed sea. It is another unseen gem of Pattaya that must not be missed!

Sai Kaew Beach, Pattaya

Crystal clear waters and fine white sand

Another must-visit destination in Pattaya is the beautiful sea at  Sai Kaew beach. The highlight of this place is its fine, white sandy beach. When sunlight reflects on the beach, it glistens like glass, resembling the shimmer of glass hitting the light. Combine this with the clear, blue sea and the multicolored sky, surrounded by lush trees – it is a paradise on land. Those who visit here can sunbathe, lounge on the beach, or enjoy various activities such as kayaking, Banana Boat rides, jet skiing, and diving. Moreover, you can even set up tents near the sea if you’re a camping enthusiast. If camping is not your thing, don’t worry, there are accommodations available to suit your preferences.

Admission fee: Thai adults – 50 Baht, Thai children (4-12 years old) – 10 Baht, Foreign adults – 100 Baht, Foreign children – 50 Baht.



One Day in Krabi Unseen Island Exploration: Perfect for Friends and Couples!

For our first boat trip in Krabi, we opted to board a boat at Port Takola Pier. Our itinerary for the day includes a visit to Poda Island, Secret Beach, Chicken Island, and Thale Waek. After preparing at the hotel, we head to the pier to board the boat at 9 a.m.

Upon our arrival at the pier, we were greeted by our rented boat eagerly waiting to pick us up. Our choice for the day is the Blue Atoll Lagoon 400, a beautifully private vessel. Inside, the boat boasts elegant décor, featuring three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a spacious living room. The fully equipped kitchen at the rear of the boat ensures we have all we need for dining during our trip. This comprehensive and luxurious boat perfectly suits our private excursion, leaving us deeply impressed!

Promptly at 9 o’clock, the boat departs and makes its way to Thale Waek as our first stop. Since reaching the divided sea takes some time, we take advantage of the journey to capture memorable moments through selfies with friends. The attentive and friendly staff provide exceptional care, ensuring our comfort throughout the trip. After a while, they graciously serve us refreshing welcome drinks that perfectly complement the Thai weather.

Around 10:30 a.m., we reach Thale Waek, where the staff guides us on a leisurely cruise. We immerse ourselves in the breathtaking scenery, capturing precious moments through photography and indulging in playful activities. It’s worth noting that visiting the separated sea during holidays may be crowded, so it’s advisable to plan accordingly. Nevertheless, the view remains undeniably stunning, making it a must-see destination.

After a short while, the captain guides us to Koh Kai, which is just a brief journey away. As we arrive at Koh Kai, we are greeted by yet another picturesque spot perfect for capturing beautiful photos. The captain generously allows us ample time to pose and capture memorable shots. We are impressed by his indulgence and excellent service throughout the experience.

At 11 o’clock, the captain announces that it’s time to head towards our next highlight of the tour. Let me tell you, the reason I chose to visit Krabi this time is because of my deep desire to explore the renowned Secret Beach Island. It’s a hidden gem, living up to its name as one of the most undiscovered and secluded islands in the region.

Upon our arrival, we eagerly descended to the beach. The sandy shoreline greeted us with its soft, fine, and velvety texture under our feet. The crystal-clear sea water offered a delightful sight, and the sight of the white sand beneath the water filled us with joy. My friend and I couldn’t resist indulging in some water play, relishing every moment of our frolic. Meanwhile, the attentive staff diligently arranged a charming picnic setup for us. Once we had finished playing in the water, we settled down at the picnic spot, feeling refreshed. After a short while, the staff kindly served us a variety of fruits and snacks, allowing us to bask in the tranquility of nature as we savored the treats.

Around noon, it was time for us to head towards our final island destination. This particular island served as a delightful backdrop for some playful photos. Although I regretted not being able to disembark and explore further, I realized that the island’s charm truly shines during evening trips. For those planning to embark on a cruise with Blue Voyage, I highly recommend opting for an evening excursion as it promises an unforgettable experience.

After capturing precious moments through our photos, it was time to head back. Those four hours on the boat were truly worthwhile, opening up a new and exhilarating sea travel experience to the fullest. The employees provided exceptional service, and it’s safe to say that without their dedication, this trip wouldn’t have been as perfect as it was. As for the overall atmosphere, since we embarked in the morning, it felt quite exclusive and private. For those seeking a more intimate experience, I highly recommend choosing a morning departure. However, if you’re interested in exploring the beautiful beaches of Koh Poda, an evening trip is highly recommended. As our review comes to an end, we can’t help but feel grateful for the incredible experience we had today.

Thank you, Blue Voyage, for the unforgettable experiences! Your exceptional service, attention to detail, and dedication to creating remarkable journeys have left a lasting impression. We are grateful for the opportunity to explore Krabi’s stunning destinations with your team. From start to finish, everything was handled with professionalism and care. Thank you for going above and beyond to make our trip extraordinary. We eagerly await more incredible memories with Blue Voyage in the future.


How to Pose for a Photo on a Yacht!

When embarking on a luxury yacht cruise, it’s essential to ensure you come away with amazing pictures to cherish. Don’t hesitate to say, “I need to capture some incredible shots!” Today, we’ll provide you with tips on posing beautifully and elegantly, just like a celebrity. Rest assured, your popularity will skyrocket, and your social media posts will be the talk of the town!


P.S. Which pose do you love the most? Feel free to keep it as a secret weapon to impress everyone!

Stylish Solo Poses


Posing with your Partner

Posing as a couple

Posing with the Gang


5 Phuket Islands Worth Checking Out in 2023

When it comes to popular tourist attractions, the sea is an inevitable highlight! Whether it’s the high season or low season, there are always people posting envy-inducing pictures of their seaside getaways on social media. And one destination that consistently steals the spotlight is the stunning Phuket sea. With its pristine waters, white sandy beaches, and captivating atmosphere, it ignites the flames of envy even further. But today, we’re here to make you the envy-inducing one! Blue Voyage is about to unveil 5 incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing islands in Phuket that will leave social media users green with envy. Get ready to escape from work and embark on a remarkable journey!

For those seeking to elevate their tourism experience to the next level, we recommend indulging in a yacht cruise to explore these remarkable islands. Relax and unwind in the lap of luxury with our impeccable 5-star service, allowing you to capture Instagram-worthy photos like a glamorous celebrity. Whether you’re traveling with family or a group of friends, Blue Voyage yacht is ready to welcome you on board for an unforgettable journey. Set sail with us and secure your booking now, ensuring a truly extraordinary experience awaits! book now!      


Mai Thon Island

Image credit from TrueID Travel

Maiton Island, also known as Honeymoon Island, is a stunning private island that offers serenity and tranquility. With its pristine white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, it truly embodies a paradise on earth. The best part is that Maiton Island is conveniently located just 15 minutes away from Phuket!

Being a private island, Maiton Island welcomes only a limited number of tourists each year. This allows the island to maintain its natural abundance, making it a haven for nature lovers. The vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life are a testament to the island’s untouched beauty. You don’t have to venture far on a boat to witness these wonders; you can simply snorkel right in front of the island and be captivated by the captivating underwater world.

Image credit from TrueID Travel

Visiting Maiton Island offers more than just capturing beautiful pictures for envy-inducing social media posts. It allows you to fully immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and the enchanting Thai sea.

Make sure to include a visit to Maiton Island in your itinerary, and experience the true essence of natural splendor and the Thai seascape.


The Similan Islands

The Similan Islands, also known as Similan Islands National Park, are truly a paradise on Earth. If you’ve seen the breathtaking images of beautiful seas and white sandy beaches in travel magazines or on TV, the Similan Islands exceed all expectations. Here, you’ll encounter a crystal-clear sea, soft white sand beaches, and incredibly diverse coral reefs teeming with a multitude of fish species. The abundance of natural wonders in this area is simply remarkable.

One of the highlights of the Similan Islands is Koh Pad, home to the iconic Sailing Rock, which has become a symbol of the islands. Moreover, there is a captivating viewpoint that offers panoramic vistas of the expansive sea, pristine white sand beaches, and the vast sky, as if being embraced by the endless blue above. If you’re a beach lover, visiting this island is an absolute must. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.

Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking beauty of the Similan Islands, a true haven for nature enthusiasts and beach lovers alike.


Surin Island

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Surin Island, also known as Surin Islands National Park, is comprised of five main islands: Nuea Surin, Southern Surin, Koh Ree, Koh Khai, and Koh Klang.

Surin Island boasts the highest concentration of large shallow-water corals in Thailand. This abundance is a result of the island arrangement, which effectively blocks wind waves, creating optimal conditions for coral reef growth along the island’s shores. The reefs are home to a diverse array of beautiful fish species. Particularly, North Surin Island and South Surin Island, known as the twin islands, can be connected during low tide, forming a separate sea called “Ao Khad Khad.” This area is perfect for photography and leisurely walks. Scuba diving enthusiasts also have the opportunity to encounter sea turtles and even whale sharks.

One of the highlights of Surin Island is witnessing the unique way of life of the “Moken” group, also known as the “Gypsies of the Sea.” These indigenous communities reside in the Surin Islands, and visitors can take part in cultural walks to learn about their traditions and be embraced by the island’s natural beauty.

For those seeking a picturesque beach vacation with plenty of activities and opportunities for relaxation, Surin Island is a must-visit destination.


Koh Hey

Koh Hey, also known as Coral Island, is a small and tranquil island in Phuket. It offers a serene atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for relaxation. If you’re looking for a quick escape to enjoy the sea, this beautiful island is a perfect choice. While the beach may not be expansive, it boasts white, smooth, and fine sand that feels incredibly soft beneath your feet. Koh Hey is a wonderful recommendation for those seeking a private and intimate experience while indulging in the beauty of the sea.


Koh Racha Noi

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Koh Racha Noi is part of the Koh Racha group, which includes Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi. When tourists visit Racha Island, they usually prefer to go to Koh Racha Yai due to its accommodation options, restaurants, viewpoints, sunbathing spots, and popular diving sites.

On the other hand, Koh Racha Noi is a more distant island and is not yet widely known among tourists. However, we strongly recommend visiting this island as it remains like an undiscovered gem in Phuket. Due to its lesser popularity, Koh Racha Noi is incredibly rich in marine resources, making it a secret paradise for divers and nature enthusiasts. It offers a deep diving experience with various types of coral formations, including coral reefs, plate corals, soft corals, sponges, and a diverse array of fish species. Koh Racha Noi stands out as an impressively quiet and serene destination, making it highly recommended for those seeking a unique and off-the-beaten-path experience.